Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Craft Fayre

Hello Stampers,

Was involved in a craft fayre a week ago where I had a stall selling my cards.  The event went well and I made £60.00 for HC Pilgrims Trust.  This was my first event I have done so I was really please with the results and everyone was lovely.

There was lots of interest in learning how to make the cards, so you never know there could be card classes in the future.

Thank you for viewing my blog and all the support I have recieved :-)


  1. Well done Sandie! Wow, £60, that's a fabulous amount raised for your first craft Fayre, you should be very proud of yourself! Did you take any pictures of your stall?
    Luv Lynne

  2. Hey Sandie, glad that you put the anonymous button on as I will now be able to leave rude comments! Well done on the Fayre, they are hard work aren't they?
    Nice to see you on Sunday.
    Linda James

  3. Ladies, Thank you. Hard work, I was a nervous wreck. What if no-one wanted to buy my cards, what if I didn't have enough. Would happily do it again, so Craft Fayre watch out here I LOL :-). Linda, I know who you are :-) Lynne, sorry no I didn't take photos but I didn't have a brill displayed stall anyhow, hust a lot of cards :-)