Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Stampin Up Convention

Hello Stampers,

On Thursday I travel to Paris for the Stampin Up Convention.  This is a convention where all the European Stampin Up Demonstrators can go and get training and meet other demonstrators.  Last year it was held in UK (Croydon) but this year we get to go to PARIS (Thats in France just on case anyone was wondering!!!!)

At the weekend Lynney Fahey and I were busy making 100 swops, and believe me it was hard work, you could actually lose the will to live stamping the same thing 100 times, they mounting them onto the card, cutting the card, cutting the ribbon, well you get the idea, if we hadn't had each others company to help and make each other laugh, I don't think I would have managed 100 (actually it was slightly over 100 as I had lost count by that time).

Will be unloading the efforts we went to on Friday so you can see what I will be swoping :-)

Thank you for viewing my blog.

1 comment:

  1. You're right Sandie, we did have a laugh making our never ending swaps, and I know the recipients will love them so it;ll all have been worth it!!
    Looking forward to being your roomie.... and having lots of fun together, creating (merry hell probably!!)
    See you Thursday when the fun begins