Friday, 17 January 2014

OSW (Sort of) Pink


Hello Crafters
Sorry my Happy New Years comes a little late in January, but better late than never!
I hope everyone has recovered of their New Years Eve parties and are up and crafting and work is not getting too much in the way (i know mine is, hence the late posting).
So some of you might be saying whats a OSW, well this is One Sheet Wonder, where you normally take a piece of A4 card stock or patterned paper and make lots (up to about 8) ( I haven't seen more than 8 to be truthful, but i am sure someone will put me right :-) ), of cards using the card stock you have stamped all over or the patterned paper (have I lost you yet?).
Well I decided to make 4 cards out of a piece of A5, I know the cards pieces look bigger than that but they aren't. 
I will have more to show you next month, along with the cards made at my monthly card class.
And keep on this channel for the Pinkies Blog Hop on 25 Jan.
Thank you for looking at my blog :-)


  1. the flower is nice stamped in different colours with a simple message on. class.

  2. I have a blue version coming in the next couple of weeks. :-)

    Thank you for looking at my blog :-)