Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Stitching Kit Christmas Cards

Hello Crafters,

I brought a retired stitching kit from Stampin' Up! for £8.70 which makes 18 Christmas cards. I did not have the original stamps they used on the kit but found few of mine that fitted.

The cards above are the cards you make from the kit. But you know me not wanting to waste anything.

These two cards I made by cutting around the waste trees and stars after your pressed thm out fir the originsl cards.  You only get 6 flags and an extra two banners but I cut my on and they look ok. So I managed to make another 12 tree cards and 6 star cards.

But then you get 18 envelope inserts, I do not put inserts in my envelopes so they became card fronts.  And I made another 18 cards.

So all in all 54 cards made out of a pack for 18 cards and all for under a tenner.

I still have a couple of the kits left if anyone would like to buy one.

Thank you for looking at my blog.

Sandie x

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